Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Review: THE TWELVE

THE TWELVE: Sequel to The Passage (big spoilers for the first book after the jump)
Genre: Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic - Vampire
The story continues the tale of apocalypse-by-vampire and the struggle of humanity to survive as well as fight back against the monsters they created.  Tremendously entertaining, the novel is more of a companion to its predecessor than most sequels, as it portrays the fall of society from multiple new perspectives.  Cronin maintains his penchant for having building up characters and then having them converge at a crucial point in the plot.  This gets a little absurd at times, as I don't see what some of the interwoven relationships add.  It'd be just as satisfying if the characters were random people.  That said, the writing style flows beautifully, and he depicts the heartland particularly well, with much of the story occurring in Texas, Nebraska, and Iowa.  Based on how The Passage ended, I thought I had a pretty good idea of how this one would play out, but I was dead wrong!  This was a pleasant surprise as the group faces an added, unforeseen threat.  The backstory of Vorhees and the section about The Field stand out, as it simply floored me while I was reading. The character arcs advance, sometimes slowly, but it sets things up brilliantly for the final book of the trilogy.  Cronin does a great job of exploring human relationships and how we interact with those closest to us.  A worthy sequel, this one doesn't disappoint as Amy, Peter, Alicia and the rest try to rid the world of the creatures of death.

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