Friday, February 15, 2013

Movie Review: Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies (IMDb score: 7.4, Rotten Tomatoes 78% Fresh)
Writer and Director: Jonathan Levine (50/50)
Cast: Nicholas HoultTeresa Palmer

Based on the novel written by Isaac Marion, this romantic comedy features an unusual protagonist: a zombie.  The film opens by following the zombie, soon to be called R, around as he shuffles aimlessly in an abandoned airport.  He makes amusing observations about the zombie life, and is frustrated about his lack of connection with his fellow brain eaters.  Soon he encounters a human woman, and instead of eating her brings her back to the airport.  Then changes start happening which could affect the entire world. (continues after the jump) 

At times this movie made me feel braindead too

I found this movie to be pretty dull overall, and the pieces didn't really make sense when you took them as a whole.  There were too many plot holes and irrational actions taken by the characters.  There were some funny moments, but most of the jokes fell flat (I did see this is a scarcely populated theater).  The tone was light hearted and hopeful, and the movie does some interesting things.  The two leads have a certain amount of chemistry and do the best they can.   However, this idea had so much potential that I was ultimately disappointed in what it had to offer, and I was hoping for more from Jonathan Levine.   I'd wait for Netflix or a $2 theater to catch this one, it's not worth paying full price unfortunately.

Rating: C

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